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Howdy Friends and welcome to Western Swing & Other Things On The Road!

For more than 20 years, Western Swing & Other Things has been a highly successful program on High Plains Public Radio which features the best in Western Swing, both old and new, and Cowboy music, plus a sprinkling of Old Time Country Music and even some Big Band and Bluegrass.

When the Marshal conceived the idea of such a program, he had no idea that the show would not only last for years, but continue to gain in popularity. 

Western Swing & Other Things On The Road is a way of bringing the music, the Marshal, and Cowgirl Janey to you, the listener! You'll not only get to dance to the actual recordings that the Marshal features on his radio show, but you get a chance to get to know both radio personalities, The Marshal and Cowgirl Janey!

The dance is much like the radio show. There is no "modern country music" played, and you will enjoy great emceeing from the Marshal and Cowgirl Janey.

So come out to see them when they are in your area for an evening of fun, dancing and entertainment. It's a piece of the Swinging Gate Ranch right in your own hometown!

They'll be lookin' for ya!